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Kata Workshop

On the 10th of November, we were fortunate enough to have Sensei Jon Dunn come to Swindon to teach a Kata workshop course.

During the session we covered aspects from some of the Pinan Katas, along with work on Wanshu and Niseishi.

There were lots of very interesting hidden gems in the form of wrist locks and holds. They really got the brain working, thinking about all the possibilities.

I'd like to thank Sensei Jon Dunn and Sensei Steve Bell for sharing their knowledge throughout the session and everyone else who attended including two of Swindon's Junior members. This was their first time attending a course such as this. They trained extremely hard during the three and a half hour session. Well done!

We plan to put on more courses like these in the new year. So keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming dates!!


Paul and Ben

Grading Success!!!

Although, you can't tell from any of our faces. The grading on the 28th October was a massive success and everyone was over the moon with the results. Congratulations to the following people.

Ritvik - 5th Kyu

Fabio - 6th Kyu

Nate - 6th Kyu

Niahm - 6th Kyu

Yashica - 6th Kyu

Mani - 8th Kyu

Muhammed - 8th Kyu

Mehda - 8th Kyu

Zahraa - 8th Kyu